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New Playground: Ruby 1.9.1 running Nginx and passenger

Last week I got some time to try out Phusion's new Nginx-module. So I decided to try out it's Ruby 1.9 compatibilty, to test my own projects wether they are Ruby 1.9.1 compliant or not.

I installed it on a fresh Ubuntu 9.04 RC1 Image into my virtual Box, and everything seems to work good yet.

So here is my Install log:

Installing Ruby 1.9.1

based on:

Download from it from here: ttp://

Installing Rails & Setting up a Sample App

Installing Nginx & Passenger

based on:

Then choose option 1: "Yes, download, compile and install Nginx for me. (recommended)"

and insert:

Et voilá, open your browser and and see an new Rails App. Opening the environment page you can see that everything is running under Ruby 1.9.1.

I hope you enjoyed this how-to. Please feel encouraged to give me some feedback via twitter or e-mail.